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Pickleball Mastery

Welcome to Pickleball Mastery, your best resource for all things pickleball. Whether you are new to the sport or you spend your weekends hitting Ernes and Nasty Nelsons from beside the Kitchen and yelling “Opa!” after the double-bounce, we can help you on your path to pickleball domination. (If you have no idea what we just said, start with Chapter 3, our Pickleball Glossary.)

We’ve created this guide to help everyone on their pickleball journey, whether you’ve never set foot on a pickleball court and want to learn pickleball basics or are searching for the best pickleball gear and strategies to bring your game to the next level.

We’ve divided our guide into chapters, each of which stands alone. Feel free to scroll and read through the sections that appeal to you and fit your stage on your pickleball path. We’ve got pickleball tips, terms, strategy, and more. With the help of this information, you’ll be well on your way to achieving pickleball mastery!

Pickleball Mastery
pickleball mastery the basics of pickleball

Chapter 1: The Basics of Pickleball

What the heck is pickleball, and how is it played?

pickleball mastery pickleball scoring

Chapter 2: Pickleball Scoring

0-0-2? 18-17-1? Our quick guide to pickleball scoring will help you make sense of those numbers, understand how to keep score, and know what constitutes victory in pickleball.

pickleball mastery glossary of pickleball terms

Chapter 3: Glossary of Pickleball Terms

If you don’t know the baseline from the Kitchen, a lob from a volley, or a falafel from a flapjack, our glossary will ensure you are up on the lingo next time you hit the pickledome.

pickleball mastery pickleball equipment

Chapter 4: Pickleball Equipment

Pickleball shoes, nets, backpacks, paddles, and apparel: this chapter covers everything you need to look and feel like an expert pickler.

pickleball mastery pickleball strategy

Chapter 5: Pickleball Strategy

Now that you understand the basics, it’s time to get more strategic in your play. Here are some basic tips for bringing your game from proficient to professional.

pickleball mastery etiquette on the pickleball court

Chapter 6: Etiquette on the Pickleball Court

One of the best parts of pickleball is the supportive, enthusiastic environment. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some basic expectations for behavior. This chapter will help you mind your pickleball manners.