Picking the Perfect Pickleball Present: Valentine’s Gift Guide

Love is in the air. What could be sweeter than helping your love partner become a happier pickleball partner, too? Or brightening the day of a paddle-sport pal?

Unlike chocolate that can blow a diet or jewelry that can blow your budget, these pickleball gifts help your sweetheart or your playing partner improve their pickleball prowess. Cupid himself couldn’t do better than that. To help you shop, here’s our Valentine’s Day gift guide for your pickleball pals:

Pickleball Balls

If you want to give a smaller gift or make a more significant present even grander, consider pickleball balls. They can be found at any price point and in lots ranging in size from individual balls to hundreds.

If you are looking for high-quality balls, ONIX, TOP, and Dura are the well-respected brands of outdoor pickleballs. Their balls are approved for tournament play by the USA Pickleball Association, making them the quality standard. These brands make seamless balls molded from a single piece with thick walls for increased durability. If you want the best outdoor pickleball balls, these are the brands to buy.

Perhaps your partner prefers to play indoors, or you want to give them something that encourages them to try something new. The best indoor pickleball balls will have thicker walls and the same single-piece seamless construction as their quality outdoor mates. You can easily distinguish indoor balls from their outdoor companions because they have fewer, larger holes. Because each ball brand will have a slightly different bounce, a fun gift for someone new to indoor pickleball is a mix of balls so they can try them all and choose their favorite.

Pickleball Ball Machine

A pickleball machine is an unexpected splurge gift that your pickling Valentine will surely appreciate. If your gift recipient wants to improve their game, a ball machine will help them achieve that goal. The device can be used for drills, focusing on specific shots and building muscle memory.

Pickleball machine reviews on YouTube will provide all the information you need to find the machine that best suits your partner’s goals and your budget. Want to add a bit more to your gift? Giving them enough balls to fill the device will mean your Valentine can hit the court immediately.

Pickleball Paddles

For someone new to the game, a set of pickleball paddles for beginners can be an excellent gift. It gives you something nice to wrap up and provides a way for you and your loved one to spend time together having fun. That makes it a gift and a date all in one.

If the gift recipient is a more seasoned player, consider upgrading their racket if they are still playing with a beginner paddle.

Pickleball Net

If your Valentine has a driveway or other flat space, you can help them turn their home into a private pickleball court with the gift of a portable pickleball net. Thanks to the net’s portability, the recipient won’t have to have a dedicated space to play pickleball at home or a nearby park. They can put up their net when they want to play, then remove it so they can still use space for other purposes.


One of the best ways to improve your game is with coaching from an expert. Gifting a few sessions with a pickleball coach will surely be appreciated by your favorite pickler. If you want to turn your gift into a way to spend time together, you could share the coaching sessions. What says, “Be my Valentine,” more than a few hours spent on the court together? Improve your game and your relationship with some shared pickleball lessons from a coach.

Pickleball Apparel

Rather than putting on a stuffy necktie or uncomfortable pair of high-heels, make pickleball apparel your Valentine’s Day fashion choice. Wrap up a nice pair of pickleball shoes or give your special friend a pickleball shirt or dress.

Pickleball Bag

Forget a $5000 handbag or leather briefcase. The best Valentine’s Day bag to give is a pickleball bag. These purpose-built bags make coming and going from the pickleball court much easier. They have compartments built to fit pickleball paddles and other equipment. Many even have a special pocket for balls so they don’t get lost in the bottom of the bag.

Having a bag for all their equipment, water, a change of clothes, and an encouraging note from their sweetheart will make your Valentine’s pickleball games even more special. That’s way better than a designer handbag and less expensive, too.

A Meaningful Gift

This year, when you think Valentine’s Day, think pickleball. If your Valentine is an experienced player, you can give them gifts that help them level up their game. Even if they’ve never played, giving beginner pickleball equipment or lessons is a great way to say, “Let’s spend time together.” Developing a new, shared hobby is great for your relationship. When that hobby is pickleball, it’s also excellent for your health. Isn’t that better than some roses that will be dead in a week?

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