Pickleball Proximity: How to Find Courts and Games Near You

You’ve been hearing about pickleball for quite a while. Everyone around you seems to be playing or talking about the game. You finally decided to give it a try. And, like so many others, you fell in love with the game and the supportive, enthusiastic pickleball community. There’s only one problem: where do you go to play?

Here are our top sources for finding pickleball courts near you. As a bonus, many of them will also lead you to people to play with or against.

Ask Around

Who knows pickleball courts better than pickleball players? Don’t hesitate to ask other picklers if they know any local courts. They may have hidden gems they are willing to share.

Hit up the players on the court next to you. (Wait until they are between points, or better still, after their game.) If you see someone in the parking lot with a “Happy People Play Pickleball” sticker on their car, ask them where they play. A coworker who comes to the office with a pickleball gear bag slung over their shoulder? Make elevator conversation to see if they know of any great courts.

These people will not only know of court locations but may also be aware of leagues, pick-up games, or other players looking for matches. When in doubt, ask a pickler.

Social Media

Our previous suggestion requires being a little social. If you’d prefer not to speak to another human, this approach is for you: use social media. Harness the power of social platforms like MeetUp, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites to find fellow pickleball players in your area.

Your fellow posters can keep you up to date on the pickleball scene. In addition to being a source for finding local courts, they can give you information that helps you find an available playing space. If the public tennis courts behind the local park have pickleball markings and nets available, that could be your next play space. If you have a portable pickleball net and know how to play pickleball on a tennis court, you won’t even need the correct markings in order to play.

Your fellow internet picklers can often give you even more information. If those courts are rarely used on Saturdays, but there’s a league that plays there every Sunday, you’ll know when you are likely to be able to get a court without a long wait.

Social media may even lead you to new friends with a portable pickleball net who set up games independently. You’d never have found that driving around town looking for a court.

As an added benefit, you can also use social media to find partners or join regular games. Use your internet connection to connect with fellow pickleball players. Not only will you find local courts you may not have discovered on your own, but you’ll also find a community of like-minded pickleball enthusiasts.

Find Local Pickleball Clubs and Communities

Local organizations centered around pickleball can provide courts for you to arrange your own games. But they also offer so much more than that. Like tailored social media participation, pickleball clubs or community organizations can be a source of partners or eager opponents. Many groups arrange regular games or tournaments. There is also often some version of league play, usually with weekly games. Some groups will offer free or low-cost clinics and coaching.

That means that while you may initially reach out to pickleball clubs or communities for information on local courts, you may stay for the camaraderie, regular games and partners, and skill improvement.

Seek Private Gyms and Sports Clubs

Many private sports clubs are converting some of their tennis courts into pickleball courts. With the game’s skyrocketing popularity, many are seeing more demand for pickleball than tennis.

Reach out to local private facilities and inquire about their pickleball court availability. These clubs often offer prospective local members free or low-cost day or week passes. That allows you to check out the facilities before committing.

In addition to using their courts, membership also brings access to their other facilities. Picture this: you just beat your opponents 18-16 in an excellent pickleball match. Instead of throwing your gear in a bag and your sweaty self into your car to drive home from a local public court, you look around and see everything your sports club offers. You opt for a soak in the hot tub. Or you could hit up the steam room or sauna, then use the clean, private showers. Perhaps a few cool-down laps in the Olympic swimming pool sounds more up your alley. If you join a private gym or sports club, you open up all these possibilities.

Because these clubs have membership fees, they typically have high-quality, well-maintained pickleball courts. No sagging nets and pock-marked courts here. They also have systems for reserving courts, meaning you don’t have to show up at a public court and hope there aren’t seven teams ahead of you, already waiting for playing space.

Tap Into the Community

Sure, it’s great exercise, a fun way to scratch your competitive itch, and a hobby to fill your time. But pickleball is also about friendships and community. By tapping into that community–whether through asking a pickleballing parent at school drop-off, reaching out through social media, or joining a club–you can find places to play. You can also further immerse yourself in the community that makes pickleball such an appealing pastime. Start with these steps to find courts, but we suspect you’ll find much more, too.


You may have heard about pickleball for some time. After deciding to give it a try, you fell in love with the game and the supportive community. But where can you play? Find pickleball courts near you in this infographic.

5 Pickleball Court Sources Infographic

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